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What is your biggest motion control challenge ?

Posted February 03, 2014

In its latest Market Intelligence Report on "Motion, Drives and Motors", the Control Design magazine has surveyed its readers on nine questions (~58 respondents). One of them (#7) was :

What is the biggest motion control challenge for you ?

Here are the ranked Answers:

#1 - Integration of electronic and mechanical components

#2 - More precision/less drift

#3 - Faster updates/better synchronization

#4 - Integration of digital safety with motion

#5 - Migration to more electronic components and away from pneumatic and hydraulics 

#6 - Migration to more electronic components and away from mechanical

#7 - Combining electronics with pneumatics and/or hydraulics


It is no surprise to see "Intregration of electronic and mechanical components" listed as the #1 motion control challenge. Electronic systems are complex systems having their own set of challenges (software, devices, sensors, electromagnetic comptability, etc.) while mechanical systems have also their own set of challenges of a complete different nature (vibrations, friction, temperature, non-linear load characteristics, etc.). Motor drives are truly a multi-domain application.

Being fluent in both "electronics" and "mechanical", Alizem creates value for its customers by helping them thoughout their complete design process from requirements to software integration. This helps them developping better new products, faster and cheaper.

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