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The More Electric Aircraft - Why Aerospace Needs Power Electronics... Software !


Here is a great presentation from Prof. Pat Wheeler of the University of Notthingham, United Kingdom. From this presentation, we can outline the following:

  • A movement from "old" pneumatic/hydraulic/mechanic actuator technology into inverter powered electrical motors technologies
  • For a same 40MW Propulsion Thrust output, losses are reduced by nearly 59% (1.7MW to 1MW)
  • Other benefits: reduced weight, easier maintenance, more contrallibility and intelligence (fault detection and diagnosis)
  • Power electronics improve both generator (mechanical to electric) and actuators (electric to mechanical) energy conversions and enable energy regeneration

This leads aircraft manufacturers to design safer and quieter planes that can flight longer distances with less fuel. This is why aerospace industry needs more power electronics... software!

Please find below how Alizem embedded motor control software for critical applications can contribute to "more electric aircraft" and help aircraft system designers to win in their market:


Alizem Embedded Motor Control Software IP for Critical Applications


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