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Alizem releases its new Embedded Motor Control Software IP demo on EBV Falcon Eye Development kit

Posted August 26, 2014 in altera, drives, FPGA, intellectual property, motor control

Alizem releases its new Embedded Motor Control Software IP demo on EBV Falcon Eye Development kit


Good news ! Alizem Embedded Motor Control Software for Servo-Drives Applications on Altera FPGA is now available in demo version on EBV Falcon Eye Motor Control development kit. This kit exists in two versions (both supported by Alizem):

  • Version 1.4 based on Altera Cyclone IV FPGA - see details here.
  • Version 2.0 (HMSC) based on Altera Cyclone V FPGA/SoC - see details here.

Both kits feature a 500W PMSM motor powered by a 400VDC-fed Fairchild intelligent power module. This motor is controlled using EnDat 2.2 encoder and sigma-delta current sensing technologies.

Key demo features:

  • High performance field-oriented control (FOC) / vector control field tested on 30W to 100kW BLDC and PMSM motors
  • Easy-to-use API making it quick and safe to configure and operate for non-motor control nor FPGA experts
  • Fully encapsulated software that can easily ported from the kit to your system without modications
  • 5 integrations steps including power stage debug, transducer debug and system protection debug
  • Current & Position transducer technology independent
  • Packaged with an OpenCore Plus License and ready for Quartus II version 14.0

Datasheet and more information related to this product is available on Alizem boutique.

By using Alizem Motor Control software, you can keep your focus on your true product differentiation without revinventing the wheel. If you have special requirements, we can customize this software for you through Alizem Engineering Services.

Next Steps

1- Download this software from Alizem boutique for FREE* (see instructions below). If you don't have an EBV FalconEye kit yet, you can still download the demo and begin your application software design in Altera Quartus II and NIOS II Embedded Design Suite (also available for free).

2- Upon further interest, you can order your EBV FalconEye kit either by contacting your EBV representative (in Europe) or Devboards.seYou can also test the software by using an Altera Development kit and connecting it to your own power stage and motor system.

How to get a copy of this demo for FREE* ?

In order to proceed, please follow those simple steps :

1- Go onto the product page.

2- Select the "FREE Demo Qualification form" from the tab at the top of the page.

3- Add it to your cart and checkout.

4- You will receive a form by email : please complete and return it to

5- Upon qualification we will send you a 100$ discount code that you can apply on downloading the demo.

That's it ! If you get any trouble in the process, please feel free to contact us !

Thanks for you interest in Alizem !

* Some conditions apply.

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