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Embedded Software forPower Electronics Applications

Alizem releases Embedded Motor Control Software for MAX10 FPGAs at Altera Industrial Showcase

Posted May 27, 2015 in Alizem, altera, FPGA, motor control, power electronics

Alizem releases its new Embedded Motor Control Software for MAX10 FPGAs
at Altera Toronto Industrial Showcase, June 25th 2015

Good news ! Alizem Embedded Motor Control Software for Servo-Drives Applications on Altera FPGA will soon be available in demo version on Altera MAX10 FPGA development kit ready to be plugged into a Falconeye-HSMC motor control board.
Key demo features
  • High performance field-oriented control (FOC) / vector control field tested on 30W to 100kW PMSM and BLDC motors
  • High bandwidth control with the new NIOS Gen 2 processor and VHDL optimized current loop
  • Leverage of integrated MAX10 Analog-to-Digital (A2D) converter for lower cost design (not available yet with sigma-delta A2D based Falconeye-HSMC)
  • Multi-axis application ready by leveraging MAX10 FPGA multi-core capabilities
  • Internet-of-things (IoT) ready with integrated energy consumption estimation
  • Alizem's proprietary easy-to-use API making it quick and safe to configure and operate for non-motor control nor FPGA experts
  • Fully encapsulated software that can easily ported from the kit to your system without modications
  • 5 integrations steps including power stage debug, transducer debug and system protection debug
  • Current & Position transducer technology independent
  • Packaged with an OpenCore Plus License and ready for Quartus II version 15.0

Target Applications

  • Industrial: Servo Drives and Multi-Axis Machine Tools
  • Automotive: EV powertrain, power steering and turbochargers 
  • Aerospace: More-Electric Aircraft and drones/UAVs
  • Medical Devices

Next Step #1: Live demo at Altera Industrial Showcase

Meet us for a live demo at Altera Toronto Industrial Showcase, June 25th 2015. Make sure to reserve your place ASAP on Altera website (previous link).

Next Step #2: Pre-order your FREE demo copy

If we can't meet at Toronto, you can pre-order your FREE demo copy directly from Alizem Boutique by following this link.

Questions ?

Feel free to contact us for more details. Meanwhile, thanks for your interest in Alizem and make sure to download our FREE ebook !

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