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Advanced Manufacturing Technology: Alizem is featured in Vanguard Magazine edition of August/September 2015

Posted September 01, 2015 in advanced manufacturing, technology

Have a look at this article (page 43) written by Nicole Verkindt - founder and CEO of OMX - on How the Advanced Manufacturing Technology could save the Canadian Industrial base in the latest edition of the Vanguard Magazine:

This article addresses important challenges and opportunities faced by Canadian Industry such as specialization of labour, globalization, offshore manufacturing, integrated manufacturing, internet-of-things, etc. Those challenges and opportunities are being faced with technology and business model innovations provided by Canadian firms like Axis Machining (3D printing), Jesse Garant & Associates (NDT inspection), QRA (IoT), Mandelli (horizontal machining) and OMX (supply chain management).

Among them, Alizem is mentionned as a software IP company whose "strength lies in providing pre-tested block of technology coming from world class organizations and allowing customers to quickly integrate them in their products, significantly reducing costs, risk and time of development for manufacturers". It is "a perfect example of a Canadian technology company providing leverage to manufacturing companies to access advanced manufacturing technology quicly, as opposed to invest many years of engineering ressources to do so".

We would like to thank Ms. Verkindt and Vanguard Magazine for mentionning Alizem in their article.

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