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Québec Government invests 40M$ in More Electric Aircraft (SA2GE)

Do you know that Montréal is the 3rd largest place in the world to build an aircraft after Toulouse (Airbus) and Boeing (Seattle) ? Also, do you know that there is a large movement right now in using more and more electric components inside aircraft to save weight, fuel consumption and reduce GHG? This movement is called "more electric aircraft" (MEA) and every player in the aerospace industry has a strategy towards it (e.g. Airbus, Safran, Thales, etc.). One example of this is to convert electro-hydraulic actuators for brakes or landing systems by electric actuators.

For those reasons, Québec Government has announced today a 80M$ call for project to be financed 50% by industry, 50% by Government (in French, translated). Full details are presented here (in French, translated), but here is a summary:

  • Goal: To reduce aircraft/aerospace industry GHG
  • Project examples: electric vechile for taxiing, change hydraulic and pneumatic actuators for electric actuators, new fuel types, flight plan optimization, etc.
  • Technology TRL: 4-6
  • Duration: Minimum 24 months, Maximum 48 months
  • Deadline to submit projects: November 27th 2015.

Alizem is commercializing a technology developped at Canadian Space Agency that's meant to reduce electric motor losses by 20% and we are already in contact with firms (customers and partners) interested to benefit of this program.

If you think your firm may have an interest to participate in this project (aeropace OEM/Tier1, semiconductors, components, etc.), please contact us.

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