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5 reasons to choose Alizem Software IP in your next motor drive system development project

Posted February 14, 2013 in drives, electronics, motor control, software ip

Mentor's Colin Walls has released a very good article yesterday titled "Using software IP: best practices for embedded systems design" on the general benefits of using software IP in general embedded system design.

Those benefits are also true for motor control software IP but an important step in using software IP is to choose the good one from a competent vendor. Here is how Alizem IP positions on 5 important criteria for software IP selection listed by the author:

1- Functionality

This is a very important question especially in power electronics applications where there exists hundreds if not thousands of different way to achieve the same functionnality (not including the unique software variations that are caused by limitations of each electronic devices). This is the reasons why Alizem bundle its product as "application-specific products". Motor control of a 500W washing machine motor is not the same as a 500W power steering system. Hence, Alizem IP are tailored to fit specific motor control applications and bundled with all functions needed to achieve top performance and fast integration.

Alizem is software IP is currently in use in applications from 30W to 86kW.

2- Quality

As a software company, Alizem knows about the importance of having a controlled software development process to make sure its software is developped and tested with the highest standard possible (our process is CMM-like). Since Alizem software is used to control energy, the impact of a bug can be disastrous: system damage, electrocution, etc. Hence, every software version that is realeased is tested on a real testbench with a real motor.

Also, Alizem has recently received the AMPP certification, the highest IP quality certification delivered by Altera.

3- Price

Alizem Software IP prices are set to be absolutely compelling against the cost of developping its own software from scratch.

4- Licensing 

Software IP licensing allows our customer to pay for the IP when they enter in production, i.e. when revenues comes in. In a world of economic uncertainty, this is a very compelling option that reduces financial risk of any product development project.

5- Core compentency

Alizem is entirely dedicated to the world of power electronics applications. Our team has nearly ~100 years of experience in this field.

Not convinced yet ? We would be glad to hear from you. Please contact us !

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