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System modularity is key for OEM machine builders

Posted March 12, 2013 in Alizem, drives, manufacturing, modularity, motor control

DesignNews has recently published an excellent article titled Trends in Integrated Motor Drives.

According to this article:

"The trend toward distributing automation and motion control devices is enabling the move to modular machine designs, and has become a large part of the underlying value proposition for integrated motor drives that incorporate servo technology."

Further in this article, the author Al Presher talks about system architectures that "are becoming more modular by design and offer a logical combination of mechanical, electrical and software modularity".

By offering application-specific COTS motor control software, Alizem is definely in line with this trend by allowing machine builders a maximum of flexibility in the choice of their system components including the choice of their electronic device and software. 

By using Alizem Motor Control Software IP, machine builders can then focus their time and budget on designing the best product possible in line with customer requirements without having to care about all technicalities related to software development. Alizem software maintenance and upgrades allow them to keep peace of mind during the whole life cycle of their product.

We thank the author and DesignNews for publishing this great article.

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