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April 26th 2013: Happy World Intellectual Property Day!

Posted April 26, 2013 in intellectual property


In 2011, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has released a report called "The Changing Face of Innovation":

"Innovation is a central driver of economic growth, development and better jobs. It is the key that enables firms to compete in the global marketplace, and the process by which solutions are found to social and economic challenges. The face of innovation has evolved significantly over the last decades. 

  • First, firms are investing historically unprecedented amounts in the creation of intangible assets – new ideas, technologies, designs, brands, organizational know-how and business models.
  • Second, innovation-driven growth is no longer the prerogative of high-income countries alone; the technological gap between richer and poorer countries is narrowing. Incremental and more local forms of innovation contribute to economic and social development, on a par with world-class technological inventions.
  • Third, the act of inventing new products or processes is increasingly international in nature and seen as more collaborative and open.
  • Fourth, knowledge markets are central within this more fluid innovation process. Policymakers increasingly seek to ensure that knowledge is transferred from science to firms, thereby reinforcing the impact of public research. Moreover, ideas are being co-developed, exchanged and traded via new platforms and intermediaries. 

In this new setting, the role of intellectual property (IP) has fundamentally changed. The increased focus on knowledge, the rise of new innovating countries and the desire to protect inventions abroad have prompted a growing demand for IP protection. IP has moved from being a technical topic within small, specialized communities to playing a central role in firm strategies and innovation policies".

Alizem fully embraces this changing face of innovation in the world of embedded software and electronics.

We hope that you also do and we wish you an happy World Intellectual Property Day !

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