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Alizem Releases its New DC Motor Control Embedded Software IP for Intel® MAX® 10 FPGAs

Posted December 12, 2016 in MAX10, motor control

Alizem Releases its New DC Motor Control Embedded Software IP for Intel® MAX® 10 FPGAs 

LÉVIS (CANADA), December 12th 2016 - Alizem today announced the release of its new embedded software IP optimized for Intel® MAX® 10 FPGAs, and designed to be used in DC motor applications such as robotics, drones, medical devices, instrumentation devices and consumer products. This software helps engineers design better products, faster by enabling engineers to spend their resources on their true product differentiation features rather then reinventing the wheel on the development of DC motor software drivers. It is possible to instantiate many units of this IP product on the same MAX 10 FPGA, making it very easy to use for multi-axis applications such as robotics and drones. At less than 100 LEs per axis, the embedded IP has very small footprint and fits on the smallest MAX 10 FPGA.

Four different versions are offered combining different sets of software and licensing options:

  • Demo version: Low-cost version with time-limited OpenCore Plus License is ideal for hobbyists, introduction to FPGA design and early prototypes.
  • Low-volume version: Open-source software drivers with design and 1k units per year production license included is great for niche and specialized products.
  • IoT version: Includes reference design based on Alizem IoT software interface with design and 10k units per year production license included is perfect for products meant to connect large number of devices.
  • Open Source version: Packaged with all the source code, including Alizem IoT software, with design and unlimited units per year production license, ideal for those who are looking for a code base and work from there.

DC motors are everywhere—from consumer products to industrial robotics. They are affordable, easy to operate and available in a very large range of power specifications, from a few W to hundreds of kW” said Dr. Marc Perron, president at Alizem. “Many of those applications need multiple actuators and DC motors are often chosen for this role and need to be synchronously coordinated together. In those cases, MAX® 10 FPGAs are a perfect fit to integrate multiple motor controllers, running independently on the FPGA fabric, and operated together from a NIOS® II processor with all the motors drivers and application software running on a single chip.

Alizem ships its embedded software IP for DC Motor Control applications as a QSys component and a motor control software API running on a Nios II processor. It is packaged with a 2-axis reference design based around the MAX 10 FPGA development kit and off-the-shelf DC motor drivers. More details can be found on the Alizem website at

About Alizem inc.

Alizem is a vendor-independent embedded software IP and technology transfer company specializing in power electronics applications such as motor control and solar power conversion. Alizem’s off-the-shelf software solutions are designed to be quickly and easily integrated by those who are not power electronics experts. Alizem solutions can provide significant reduction in cost, risk, and time-to-market in the development of custom power electronics systems. Alizem is a proud Gold Member of Intel FPGA Design Solutions Network (DSN).


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