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Technologies forIndustrial Electronics Applications

Dr. Marc Perron interview at Warren Savage's Take Five Show

Warren Savage is the CEO of IP Extreme and semiconductor IP visionary. He his running the sixth season of his web-based show "Take Five with Warren" where he interviews personnalities in the world of EDA, IP and semiconductor business. Recently, Alizem's Dr. Marc Perron had the honor to be interviewed by Warren for the 11th episode (and last) of season 6th. Here is the result:

Some topics discussed during and after the interview:

  • How an embedded software IP company like Alizem can bring innovation, value and domain expertise to electrical equipment OEMs through the EDA/IP/semiconductor business environment.
  • Example of Alizem solution for Aerospace "More Electric Aircraft" applications.



Alizem's Dr. Marc Perron publishes a new eBook !

While there exists many publications on the market regarding specific elements of electric motor drive design (such as electric motor design, power stage design, control design, etc.), very few address the whole process from a practical point of view.

In this eBook, Alizem's Dr. Marc Perron shares its field experience of this narrow and complex field of power electronics applications with a particular focus on the challenges related to embedded motor control software and how to make the whole design process easier.

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