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The More Electric Aircraft - Why Aerospace Needs Power Electronics... Software !


Here is a great presentation from Prof. Pat Wheeler of the University of Notthingham, United Kingdom. From this presentation, we can outline the following:

  • A movement from "old" pneumatic/hydraulic/mechanic actuator technology into inverter powered electrical motors technologies
  • For a same 40MW Propulsion Thrust output, losses are reduced by nearly 59% (1.7MW to 1MW)
  • Other benefits: reduced weight, easier maintenance, more contrallibility and intelligence (fault detection and diagnosis)
  • Power electronics improve both generator (mechanical to electric) and actuators (electric to mechanical) energy conversions and enable energy regeneration

This leads aircraft manufacturers to design safer and quieter planes that can flight longer distances with less fuel. This is why aerospace industry needs more power electronics... software!

Please find below how Alizem embedded motor control software for critical applications can contribute to "more electric aircraft" and help aircraft system designers to win in their market:


Alizem Embedded Motor Control Software IP for Critical Applications


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Boeing - Future Aircraft Power Systems - Integration Challenges

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Alizem releases its new Embedded Motor Control Software IP for Critical Applications

For immediate release
Alizem releases its new Embedded Motor Control Software IP for Critical Applications

Lévis (CANADA), February 18th 2014. Alizem is proud to announce the release of its new Embedded Motor Control Software IP for Critical Applications based on a technology invented and developed at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). This solution is meant to work with BLDC and PMSM motors operating in applications where energy-efficiency and reliability are critical. It offers significant benefits to inverter-fed electric motor drive system designers:

  • Optimal management of phase current distribution lowering losses and enhancing maximum achievable torque and speed by 20% leading to lower motor rating, weight, space and cooling requirements
  • Ripple-free torque leading to reduced mechanical stress, velocity fluctuation, noise and higher reliability and tracking accuracy in servo applications
  • Automatic fault recovery from a phase winding failure and/or phase voltage/current saturation
  • Capability to provide critical information regarding motor health to master system (M2M, machine-to-machine)
  • Easy-to-use application programming interface (API) for quick and safe operation including multiple debug modes for power stage, transducer and system protection verification for early bug detection

This software can be ported and run on any type of electronic device that fits motor control applications and integrated into new or existing electric motor drive systems.

“Critical applications are numerous ranging from airplane brake systems, robotics and electric vehicles to HVAC systems installed in a nuclear plant. In many of those applications, electric motors play a central role and failure may lead to catastrophic human and financial consequences” said Dr. Marc Perron, President at Alizem. “This is why the motor control software installed in those motor drive systems must not only deliver excellent operational performance but must also be robust to motor damage in order to reduce the risk of failure and downtime. This also includes consuming as low energy as possible to maximize operation time when systems are operating from a limited energy source such as batteries or gas tank. This new product is a great way to address this problem without investing all the efforts needed to develop this technology. This is how Alizem helps its customer to get more innovation in their product better, faster and cheaper.”

Customers interested in this solution have access to more technical information by consulting Alizem website or by contacting Alizem sales department.

About Alizem inc. - Alizem is a vendor-independent embedded software IP company specialized in power electronics applications such as motor control and solar power conversion. Alizem’s off-the-shelf software solutions are designed to be quickly and easily integrated by non-power electronics experts and meant to provide significant cost, risk and time-to-market reduction in the development of power electronics systems.

About the Canadian Space Agency – Established by the Government of Canada in March 1989, the Agency's headquarters are located in Longueuil, Quebec. To meet the evolving needs of Canadian citizens, CSA partners with government, industry, universities, and international organizations. By leveraging international cooperation, the CSA generates world-class scientific research and industrial development for the benefit of Canadians and humanity.



Source: Alizem Inc. +1 418 614 4643 -
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5 reasons to choose Alizem Software IP in your next motor drive system development project

Mentor's Colin Walls has released a very good article yesterday titled "Using software IP: best practices for embedded systems design" on the general benefits of using software IP in general embedded system design.

Those benefits are also true for motor control software IP but an important step in using software IP is to choose the good one from a competent vendor. Here is how Alizem IP positions on 5 important criteria for software IP selection listed by the author:

1- Functionality

This is a very important question especially in power electronics applications where there exists hundreds if not thousands of different way to achieve the same functionnality (not including the unique software variations that are caused by limitations of each electronic devices). This is the reasons why Alizem bundle its product as "application-specific products". Motor control of a 500W washing machine motor is not the same as a 500W power steering system. Hence, Alizem IP are tailored to fit specific motor control applications and bundled with all functions needed to achieve top performance and fast integration.

Alizem is software IP is currently in use in applications from 30W to 86kW.

2- Quality

As a software company, Alizem knows about the importance of having a controlled software development process to make sure its software is developped and tested with the highest standard possible (our process is CMM-like). Since Alizem software is used to control energy, the impact of a bug can be disastrous: system damage, electrocution, etc. Hence, every software version that is realeased is tested on a real testbench with a real motor.

Also, Alizem has recently received the AMPP certification, the highest IP quality certification delivered by Altera.

3- Price

Alizem Software IP prices are set to be absolutely compelling against the cost of developping its own software from scratch.

4- Licensing 

Software IP licensing allows our customer to pay for the IP when they enter in production, i.e. when revenues comes in. In a world of economic uncertainty, this is a very compelling option that reduces financial risk of any product development project.

5- Core compentency

Alizem is entirely dedicated to the world of power electronics applications. Our team has nearly ~100 years of experience in this field.

Not convinced yet ? We would be glad to hear from you. Please contact us !


Alizem new COTS Motor Control Software IP for Servo-Drives applications receives Altera AMPP certification




                                                                                                                       For immediate release


Alizem new COTS Motor Control Software IP for Servo-Drives applications receives Altera AMPP certification


Quebec City (CANADA), December 12th 2012. Alizem is pleased to announce that its newly released COTS Motor Control Software IP for Servo-Drives applications has received the Altera Megafunction Partner Program (AMPP) certification from Altera Corporation, the highest existing IP quality standard for Altera FPGAs.

“This is another important milestone for Alizem to receive AMPP certification from Altera.” said Dr. Marc Perron, President at Alizem. “It is a well-known fact that IP quality is a critical factor when a system designer is in the process of selecting an IP provider for its application. Furthermore, the existence of qualified IP on the market is also an important factor when a team decides to outsource this type of expertise or not. We are very proud at Alizem in having our world-class expertise in power electronics and FPGA-based embedded software design recognized by Altera, a very respected company that has recently been listed among World’s Top 100 Most Innovative companies by Forbes”.

“The addition of Alizem to our AMPP program creates new IP offerings to Altera’s customers in the field of power electronics applications such as motor control and energy conversion,” said Sheri Andrew, senior manager IP marketing for Altera. “Our AMPP program offers customers advanced and pre-qualified solutions that extend the range of applications for our leading-edge components. With the new addition of Alizem to our AMPP program, customers developing motor control systems can increase their design team productivity while they focus the majority of their design resources on product differentiation.”

The motor control software IP that Alizem has developed is optimized for Altera FPGAs and development tools.  This solution requires no HDL coding or deep motor control development expertise, and complements Altera’s recently launched Motor Control Development Framework, helping to boost designer productivity and further reduce their time to market.

 About Alizem inc. - Alizem is a vendor-independent embedded software company specialized in power electronics applications such as motor control and solar power conversion. Alizem’s off-the-shelf software solutions are designed to be quickly and easily integrated by non-power electronics experts and meant to provide significant cost, risk and time-to-market reduction in the development of custom power electronics systems.  Alizem is a proud member of the Altera Design Service Network (DSN) since 2008.


Source: Alizem Inc.  +1 418 614 4643 -

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Visit Altera booth at SPS/IPC Drives 2012 !

To know more about newly released Alizem Motor Control IP for Servo-Drives Applications on Altera FPGAs, make sure to visit Altera booth at the SPS/IPC Drives 2012 tradeshow at Nuremberg, Germany this week !

More information:


Date: November 27 to 29, 2012
Location: Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg, Germany
Booth: Hall 3, Stand 405


How Alizem addresses the Top 6 Challenges in Electronics Manufacturing

Recently, an excellent article has been published by Mike Roberts on the Product Design and Development website, addressing the top 6 challenges in Electronics Manfacturing. Here is how Alizem COTS embedded software contributes in solving those challenges :

1. Shrinking Operating Margins: Global competition and new innovations are driving prices down. Companies must continually become more cost-efficient to remain profitable. 

Alizem offers off-the-shelf expertise in embedded software and power electronics applications. You get the best of the the worlds: rare-to-find world-class expertise, on tap. This approach helps you bring constant innovation in your products at reduced costs, risks and time-to-market.

2. Complex Global Supply-Chain: More and more, companies have to juggle internal and external resources while staying within international standards. Issues such as traceability and compliance are increasing operational burdens. It is not unusual for components and sub-components to embark on a journey that touches three or more continents before reaching the end-consumer.

3. Service and Warranty Management: Leveraging the global supply-chain is putting more focus on supplier quality management. Having a strong quality and traceability system directly affects warranty reserve and post-production service hours. 

Alizem software products are delivered over internet directly to customer worldwide. No inventory is needed. No domain experts are required.

4. Short Product Lifecycles: With quickly changing consumer tastes and preferences, EMS companies and contract manufacturers need to have effective New Product Introduction (NPI) processes in place. Closed-loop communication between sales, manufacturing, and engineering is vital to ensure product launches hit time, volume, and quality targets.

Alizem offers application-specific, pre-tested and directly integrable embedded software. Knowing that embedded software development accounts for a high proportion of a project costs and risks, this is a great way to shorten product lifecycles while keeping focus on product differentiation.

5. Uncertain Demand: Aggregately, economic volatility and cyclical demand cause fluctuations in production. On a more granular level, consumer preference can cause spikes in demand for an individual product or company. Efficient lean capabilities must be in place to keep inventory aligned with demand.

Alizem on-tap expertise and products are delivered when needed allowing our customers to freely adjust their schedule and easily go through any economic downturn or exceptional events. Also, Alizem offers its products through flexible licensing agreements that enable development system costs to be delayed up to production (revenues).

6. Sustainability: Emerging regulations and standards are forcing companies to account more and more for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in decisions. E-Waste, a popular topic today, is driving conversations about the disposal of products and their impact on the environment. Companies must now consider of the complete product lifecycle in decisions.

Alizem products are "virtual goods" that, according this study, account for -30% GHG savings. They are in line with the large trend of virtualization and dematerialization.