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Dr. Marc Perron interview at Warren Savage's Take Five Show

Warren Savage is the CEO of IP Extreme and semiconductor IP visionary. He his running the sixth season of his web-based show "Take Five with Warren" where he interviews personnalities in the world of EDA, IP and semiconductor business. Recently, Alizem's Dr. Marc Perron had the honor to be interviewed by Warren for the 11th episode (and last) of season 6th. Here is the result:

Some topics discussed during and after the interview:

  • How an embedded software IP company like Alizem can bring innovation, value and domain expertise to electrical equipment OEMs through the EDA/IP/semiconductor business environment.
  • Example of Alizem solution for Aerospace "More Electric Aircraft" applications.



Québec Government invests 40M$ in More Electric Aircraft (SA2GE)

Do you know that Montréal is the 3rd largest place in the world to build an aircraft after Toulouse (Airbus) and Boeing (Seattle) ? Also, do you know that there is a large movement right now in using more and more electric components inside aircraft to save weight, fuel consumption and reduce GHG? This movement is called "more electric aircraft" (MEA) and every player in the aerospace industry has a strategy towards it (e.g. Airbus, Safran, Thales, etc.). One example of this is to convert electro-hydraulic actuators for brakes or landing systems by electric actuators.

For those reasons, Québec Government has announced today a 80M$ call for project to be financed 50% by industry, 50% by Government (in French, translated). Full details are presented here (in French, translated), but here is a summary:

  • Goal: To reduce aircraft/aerospace industry GHG
  • Project examples: electric vechile for taxiing, change hydraulic and pneumatic actuators for electric actuators, new fuel types, flight plan optimization, etc.
  • Technology TRL: 4-6
  • Duration: Minimum 24 months, Maximum 48 months
  • Deadline to submit projects: November 27th 2015.

Alizem is commercializing a technology developped at Canadian Space Agency that's meant to reduce electric motor losses by 20% and we are already in contact with firms (customers and partners) interested to benefit of this program.

If you think your firm may have an interest to participate in this project (aeropace OEM/Tier1, semiconductors, components, etc.), please contact us.


Alizem signs MOU with Aerospace Software Certification leader Marinvent

Press Release
For immediate publication
Alizem signs MOU with Mission and Safety-Critical Software Certification Leader Marinvent


Lévis and St-Bruno-de-Montarville (CANADA), May 21st 2014. Alizem is pleased to announce that it has recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Québec-based Marinvent regarding software certification aspects of its newly released Embedded Motor Control Software for Critical Applications. Marinvent is a recognized leader in the field of software certification of mission-critical systems with an extensive expertise in aerospace systems.
“Offering energy-efficient and reliable embedded motor control software is one thing, but qualifying this software to reach all safety and regulations standards mandatory for mission-critical applications is a complete other thing. By working with Marinvent, we leverage more than 30 years of experience in this very narrow field of software quality engineering to provide peace of mind to our customers and keeping them focused in reaching their market and business objectives” said Dr. Marc Perron, president at Alizem.
“Marinvent is always on the look-out for innovative companies with aerospace products that serve a gap in the market. Alizem’s Embedded Motor Control Software product certainly addresses a need that we see to find ways to reduce the size, weight and power consumption of the increasing number of electric motors being used in today’s aircraft, so it is with great pleasure that we are partnering with them from a certification perspective”, said Phil Cole, VP-Business Development at Marinvent.

About Alizem inc. - Alizem is a vendor-independent embedded software IP and technology transfer company specialized in power electronics applications such as motor control and solar power conversion. Alizem’s off-the-shelf software solutions are designed to be quickly and easily integrated by non-power electronics experts and meant to provide significant cost, risk and time-to-market reduction in the development of custom power electronics systems.

About Marinvent – Marinvent is an aerospace R&D test and evaluation company headquartered in St-Bruno, Québec, whose major function is to reduce the risk, life cycle cost, time to develop, and time to certify novel aerospace technologies for fixed wing, rotary wing and unmanned platforms. Marinvent specializes in Flight Test Services, Systems Engineering, Human Factors Engineering, Software Development and Civil Certification. Marinvent and its US JV partner (AdvAero) have a stellar track record of providing outsourced software development and services, and have been awarded numerous Supplemental Type Certificates (STC), ranging from single display upgrades to complete cockpit retrofits, such as the Honeywell CDS/R® retrofit for the Piaggio P180 aircraft, which included a completely new Electronic Flight Instrumentation System, FMS, INS AHRS, autopilot interface, radar, lightning detection, EGPWS, T2CAS, and RVSM certification. Marinvent and AdvAero have more than 100 combined years of experience in the aerospace R&D, with a customer base extending from NASA to every major avionics manufacturer in North America.


Source: Alizem Inc. +1 418 614 4643 -

Version Française

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Meet Alizem at OPAL-RT Real-Time 2014 Conference - Montréal, Qc - June 9-12th

Meet Alizem's Dr. Marc Perron at the next OPAL-RT Real-Time 2014 Conference in Montréal Quebec on June 9-12th. Make sure to attend his presentation on: "The More Electric Aircraft: How to Innovate while also reducing software costs and time-to-market ? An energy-efficient motor controller example". Date: Tuesday June 10th at 5:00PM. Official program here. To book a meeting: please contact us.

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OPAL-RT website.
See you soon in Montréal !


The More Electric Aircraft - Why Aerospace Needs Power Electronics... Software !


Here is a great presentation from Prof. Pat Wheeler of the University of Notthingham, United Kingdom. From this presentation, we can outline the following:

  • A movement from "old" pneumatic/hydraulic/mechanic actuator technology into inverter powered electrical motors technologies
  • For a same 40MW Propulsion Thrust output, losses are reduced by nearly 59% (1.7MW to 1MW)
  • Other benefits: reduced weight, easier maintenance, more contrallibility and intelligence (fault detection and diagnosis)
  • Power electronics improve both generator (mechanical to electric) and actuators (electric to mechanical) energy conversions and enable energy regeneration

This leads aircraft manufacturers to design safer and quieter planes that can flight longer distances with less fuel. This is why aerospace industry needs more power electronics... software!

Please find below how Alizem embedded motor control software for critical applications can contribute to "more electric aircraft" and help aircraft system designers to win in their market:


Alizem Embedded Motor Control Software IP for Critical Applications


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