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Québec Government invests 40M$ in More Electric Aircraft (SA2GE)

Do you know that Montréal is the 3rd largest place in the world to build an aircraft after Toulouse (Airbus) and Boeing (Seattle) ? Also, do you know that there is a large movement right now in using more and more electric components inside aircraft to save weight, fuel consumption and reduce GHG? This movement is called "more electric aircraft" (MEA) and every player in the aerospace industry has a strategy towards it (e.g. Airbus, Safran, Thales, etc.). One example of this is to convert electro-hydraulic actuators for brakes or landing systems by electric actuators.

For those reasons, Québec Government has announced today a 80M$ call for project to be financed 50% by industry, 50% by Government (in French, translated). Full details are presented here (in French, translated), but here is a summary:

  • Goal: To reduce aircraft/aerospace industry GHG
  • Project examples: electric vechile for taxiing, change hydraulic and pneumatic actuators for electric actuators, new fuel types, flight plan optimization, etc.
  • Technology TRL: 4-6
  • Duration: Minimum 24 months, Maximum 48 months
  • Deadline to submit projects: November 27th 2015.

Alizem is commercializing a technology developped at Canadian Space Agency that's meant to reduce electric motor losses by 20% and we are already in contact with firms (customers and partners) interested to benefit of this program.

If you think your firm may have an interest to participate in this project (aeropace OEM/Tier1, semiconductors, components, etc.), please contact us.


Alizem releases its new Internet-of-Things (IoT) software interface


For immediate release

Alizem releases its new Internet-of-Things (IoT) software interface

Lévis(Canada), October 5th 2015. Alizem is pleased to announce the release of its new software interface for Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications connecting Alizem embedded control software products to Initial State’s platform, a recognized leader and innovator in IoT technology. This interface is meant to help electrical equipment manufacturers to design better products faster by enabling them to easily and quickly pipe out critical data from the operation and health state of their product without having to invest in complex and expensive data monitoring equipment. Those benefits are applicable during and after product development phase:

  • Early bug detection: visualize all your measurements and system states and quickly isolate bugs.
  • Distributed teams: easily share data between development teams working at different locations.
  • Performance monitoring: remotely monitor critical performance data such as power consumption, load motion profiles, current shape and temperature.
  • New value-added services: bundle your electrical equipment products with SaaS based monitoring services and provide peace-of-mind to your customers by having them access to all their equipment operation data.

“Everybody in the industry is looking forward to technical and business innovations coming from IoT. This new release is a real example of how the internet infrastructure can be leveraged not only to reduce time of development and product costs, but also to add completely new features that will enable to generate new revenues for electric equipment manufacturers. We are glad to release this new product onto Initial State’s IoT technology: from day one, we have been amazed by the quality of their platform and by the deep and precise vision of their team regarding the development of IoT.” said Dr. Marc Perron, president at Alizem.

“This is a perfect example of how many unique and powerful opportunities the IoT is creating. So many people believe the IoT is only about sensors. The Alizem IoT software interface lets you tap into the treasure trove of intelligence trapped inside our electronic devices. Being able to easily monitor and capture the data created by hardware, software, and the multitude of systems within a device opens up a world of possibilities from R&D to manufacturing to in-field service. This is an unbelievably powerful tool for anyone building an electromechanical device.” said Jamie Bailey, CEO at Initial State.

Alizem IoT interface is available now either as a standalone product or integrated into Alizem Embedded Software for Servo-Drives Applications on Altera MAX10 FPGA devices. Check for more details.

About Alizem inc. - Alizem is a vendor-independent embedded software IP and technology transfer company specialized in power electronics applications such as motor control and solar power conversion. Alizem’s off-the-shelf software solutions are designed to be quickly and easily integrated by non-power electronics experts and meant to provide significant cost, risk and time-to-market reduction in the development of custom power electronics systems.

About Initial State - Initial State is an Internet of Things (IoT) data solutions company. We make it easy to capture, visualize, and interact with data from multiple sources anywhere. We believe hobbyists (makers), small companies, and enterprise alike need an easy, affordable means of harnessing the power of the IoT. Founded in 2012 and based in Nashville, TN, Initial State is an investor-backed startup.

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Alizem releases Embedded Motor Control Software for MAX10 FPGAs at Altera Industrial Showcase

Alizem releases its new Embedded Motor Control Software for MAX10 FPGAs
at Altera Toronto Industrial Showcase, June 25th 2015

Good news ! Alizem Embedded Motor Control Software for Servo-Drives Applications on Altera FPGA will soon be available in demo version on Altera MAX10 FPGA development kit ready to be plugged into a Falconeye-HSMC motor control board.
Key demo features
  • High performance field-oriented control (FOC) / vector control field tested on 30W to 100kW PMSM and BLDC motors
  • High bandwidth control with the new NIOS Gen 2 processor and VHDL optimized current loop
  • Leverage of integrated MAX10 Analog-to-Digital (A2D) converter for lower cost design (not available yet with sigma-delta A2D based Falconeye-HSMC)
  • Multi-axis application ready by leveraging MAX10 FPGA multi-core capabilities
  • Internet-of-things (IoT) ready with integrated energy consumption estimation
  • Alizem's proprietary easy-to-use API making it quick and safe to configure and operate for non-motor control nor FPGA experts
  • Fully encapsulated software that can easily ported from the kit to your system without modications
  • 5 integrations steps including power stage debug, transducer debug and system protection debug
  • Current & Position transducer technology independent
  • Packaged with an OpenCore Plus License and ready for Quartus II version 15.0

Target Applications

  • Industrial: Servo Drives and Multi-Axis Machine Tools
  • Automotive: EV powertrain, power steering and turbochargers 
  • Aerospace: More-Electric Aircraft and drones/UAVs
  • Medical Devices

Next Step #1: Live demo at Altera Industrial Showcase

Meet us for a live demo at Altera Toronto Industrial Showcase, June 25th 2015. Make sure to reserve your place ASAP on Altera website (previous link).

Next Step #2: Pre-order your FREE demo copy

If we can't meet at Toronto, you can pre-order your FREE demo copy directly from Alizem Boutique by following this link.

Questions ?

Feel free to contact us for more details. Meanwhile, thanks for your interest in Alizem and make sure to download our FREE ebook !


Alizem is featured in Bodo's Power System Magazine of December 2014

Alizem's Dr. Marc Perron new eBook on the topic of "How to design a custom electric motor drive with COTS components ?" is proudly featured in the "News" section of this month's Bodo's Power System Magazine (see page 11).

Bodo's Power System Magazine is entirely dedicated with articles regarding electronics in motion and power conversion systems. Edited by the unique Bodo ArIt, it offers access to general power electronics information, industry news, and company specific solutions for power electronics applications. Articles are written as contributions by technology experts from the industry. Get your FREE subscription here !


Alizem's Dr. Marc Perron publishes a new eBook !

While there exists many publications on the market regarding specific elements of electric motor drive design (such as electric motor design, power stage design, control design, etc.), very few address the whole process from a practical point of view.

In this eBook, Alizem's Dr. Marc Perron shares its field experience of this narrow and complex field of power electronics applications with a particular focus on the challenges related to embedded motor control software and how to make the whole design process easier.

Click here to get your FREE copy !