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Technologies forIndustrial Electronics Applications

Alizem receives Quartus II and 28nm Technology Certifications from Altera


As a proud member of the Altera Design Service Network, Alizem has recently successfully achieved Altera technical certifications for the Quartus II design software and for the 28nm devices technology.

Topics validated by those certifications are:

  • Project management and design entry
  • Compilation process
  • Settings and Assignments
  • I/O planning
  • Timing Contraints and Analysis
  • Fractionnal PLL
  • Transceivers
  • External Memory Interfaces (EMI)
  • PCI Express Hard IP (HIP)
Being experts of Altera FPGA devices and software tools is very important for Alizem in order to design power electronics software that maximally leverage all functionnalities offered by new generations of Altera devices and design tools. It is also important to have deep knowledge in those technologies to support our customers in their own design process and help them achieve system performance as fast as possible.

Do you design power electronics systems using Altera FPGAs ? Now you have another good reason to work with Alizem.

Check our newly released Motor Control Software for Servo-Drives Applications on Altera FPGAs.