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Technologies forIndustrial Electronics Applications

Alizem Internet-of-Things (IoT) interface

Debug, Measure, Monitor

This IoT interface is meant to effectively pipe out all performance and health monitoring data out of your electrical equipment onto a SaaS plaform.
  • It is designed to be beneficial to quickly isolate bugs during product development phase (including sharing data between geographically distributed development teams) and monitor performance of your machine while radically reducing the need to acquire and install expensive data analysis/logging tools.
  • It is also meant to be used when your product is in operation to remotely monitor the behavior and the health state of your machine and provide high value-added services to your customers.

Available now in standalone and integrated into Alizem Motor Control for Intel MAX10 FPGA versions !


State-of-the-Art IoT Technology

This interface works with Initial State's IoT platform. This platform is completely web-based and data coming out of your controller are sent over the web via secure protocols. Once the data is in, you can easily analyze it using high quality dashboards and visualizations tools (check Tiles, Waves and Lines).


Integration with your system
The interface is composed of two parts (red squares below): one running on your electric equipment processor (aggregating data from the sensors) and another on the processor running Linux (streaming data onto the IoT platform). This architecture easily supports multi-axis applications running multiple motor on the same device. On your electric equipment, you can use this interface to connect to either your own control software or to Alizem embedded software (see options below).
For product prototype phase, Alizem IoT interface is meant to connect your application to InitialState platform through the use of a RaspberryPI device connected to a UART port of your controller.

For final product development phase, you can either continue to use the RasberryPI device or completely integrate this function onto your device, if it can support it (contact us if you are not sure). For Raspberry PI requirements, see FAQ section below.

Two versions
Standalone  Integrated
Includes Source code Yes No
User can modify code Yes No
Has Control Algorithms No Yes
Support Limited / Contract Yes
Business Model One time payment License
Best fit for customer Upgrading an existing product Developping a new product
Short Demo Video (1 min.)
First step: Create your Initial State Account today !
An easy way to start and to get familiar with this platform is to create your Initial State account (it's FREE!). From there, you will be able to play with the platform with basic sets of data and better assess if it fits your needs. Then, next step is to get your preferred version of Alizem IoT Interface and integrate it into your product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1- What Raspberry PI do I need to use Alizem IoT interface?
You need a Raspberry PI2 card with an internet connection (either via Ethernet port or via WiFi device). If you don't have a Raspberry PI card, you can order a starter kit like this one or any equivalent kit. Make sure you have all cables to connect the PI to your desktop screen and you have a USB keyboard to connect with the PI.

2- Do I need to configure the Raspberry PI myself?
All options are open. You can simply install Alizem IoT interface onto an existing SD card you already have or you can use pre-configured SD image bundled with Alizem software to program your SD card from scratch. You will find all relevant instructions packaged with Alizem software.

3- OK I like this. How can I use this platform to provided value-added services to my customers?
Once you have designed your system with Alizem IoT Interface, you can offer value-added services to your customers by registering on InitialState with an Entreprise account. This type of account let you "white-label" the IoT platform and offer it "as-a-service" with your own electrical products under your brand name. For example, if you are selling pump motor drives for rural market, you can now offer to your customers a service to continuously monitor the state of their pump and preventively identify problems. 

4- We already manufacture electrical equipment products and we would like to add this interface to our products. Can we work with Alizem to do that ?
Yes, best fit for you is to use the Standalone version. If you need help to integrate the software into your product, we can help you do that through an engineering service contract (contact us).

5- I like the concept but I would like to get the Raspberry PI part inside my controller as well. Is it possible?
Yes this is possible, if your controller's device/architecture can support it (having Linux installed on at least one processor). Contact us if you are not sure.

6- What is Internet-of-Things (IoT)?
Read this excellent report from World Economic Forum. You can also read this one from Accenture.

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