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Alizem 3-phase PWM IP Core for Intel MAX10 ® FPGA

Alizem inc.

Alizem 3-phase PWM IP Core for Intel MAX10 ® FPGA
  • Alizem 3-phase PWM IP Core for Intel MAX10 ® FPGA
  • Alizem 3-phase PWM IP Core for Intel MAX10 ® FPGA
  • Alizem 3-phase PWM IP Core for Intel MAX10 ® FPGA
  • Alizem 3-phase PWM IP Core for Intel MAX10 ® FPGA


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Typical Applications

  • Pump and fan applications
  • Solar power conversion
  • Power supplies

Key Benefits & Features

  • @50 MHz clock: Tunable PWM frequency from 500 Hz to 100 kHz.
  • Adjustable deadtime to prevent shoot-through faults and maximize efficiency.
  • Adjustable modulation index.
  • Voltage reference either in V(a,b,c) or V(alpha,beta) spaces.
  • Integrated sine & cosine functions for V(alpha,beta) to V(a,b,c) conversion.
  • 16 bits electrical resolution.
  • Test mode to validate correct PWM function before connecting load.
  • SCALABLE: Each block controls one 3 phase load and multiple instantiation is possible.
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT: less than 100 LEs per block. Reference design is less than 2300 LEs.
  • EASY TO USE: Composed of a Qsys component and a NIOS II software API.
  • NO EXPERTISE NEEDED: No expertise in power electronics or advanced FPGA design required.
  • KEEP THE FOCUS on your design. Save costs, risks and time-to-market.
  • UNIQUE: Alizem's proprietary easy-to-use API making it quick, easy and safe to configure and operate for non-power electronics nor FPGA experts.
  • Internet-of-things (IoT): reference design can be upgraded with Alizem IoT interface (optional).
  • For complete features and details, please order the Datasheet (for FREE).

Low cost reference design based on COTS components (not included with Alizem software, to be ordered separately from respective vendors)

    One-minute demo video - Running a BLDC motor in open loop


    Available Versions

    Demo Low-volume High-volume Source Code
    Basic Application Software Included Included Included Included
    Software Drivers Compiled Library Compiled Library Compiled Library Source Code
    HW/VHDL .sof file Encrypted Encrypted Source Code
    Reference design Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Device MAX10 MAX10 MAX10 Any Intel FPGA
    IP integration support - 2 hours over email included 2 hours over email included Not included.
    IP customization services - Not included, offered at low price bracket. Not included, offered at low price bracket. Not included, offered at high price bracket.

    Design License

    (1 seat)

    Included, limited to software only.


    Included Included
    Production License -


    Max 1k units / year

    No royalty


    Max 10k units / year

    No royalty



    No royalty

    License Scope - Project Project Project
    Price 100$/FREE 495$ 995$ 1,995$

     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1- How can I access this product FREE demo?

    Please fill this form and upon qualification, we will contact you with a coupon code. Not sure? Please contact us to discuss.

    2- It looks great but I would like to get this IP modified to fit exactly my application, is it possible?

    Yes. We may do so via an engineering contract. Please contact us to discuss your exact needs.

    3- Low-volume version looks great for my needs. However, we plan to produce 2k units per year and I notice the included Product License is limited to 1k units per year. How can I resolve this issue?

    You simply need to order 2 units of the Low-volume version. You will then have two 1k units per years Production Licenses and then may operate with no issue.

    4- Can I use the Source Code version of this product as a prototype for any real-time embedded controller?

    Yes, all the basics are there (VHDL, drivers, API, IRQ initialization) and it provides you a good indication of all you need to configure to design your own controller. It is up to you to customize code for your own control application (valve, temperature, etc.).

    5- I have a low-volume IoT application, how can I get the IoT option with the Low-Volume version ?

    Good point. You simply need to buy the IoT package in 'standalone' version. The included reference design is not customized to 3-phase PWM inverter applications but you can easily customize it yourself.

    6- My design uses PMSM/BLDC motor meant to be driven with FOC/vector control approach. Do you have a solution for this case?

    Yes! Please have a look to Alizem Motor Control Software for Servo-Drives apps. It has been tested on PMSM and BLDC motors from 30W to 100kW.

    7- I need this IP but for another Intel FPGA technology than MAX10. Is it possible?

    Yes. Of course, please contact us on this topic. Note: pricing is not the same.

    8- How can I learn more on Intel MAX10 (R) FPGA embedded system design?

    Read our ebook on the topic.

    9- How can I learn more on custom motor drive design ?

    Read our ebook on the topic.

    10- Regarding the reference design, how can you build a 3-phase inverter out of 2 PMODs Dual Half-Bridge components ?

    Good question. Since we need 3 phases, we use 2 phases out of the first PMOD (A) and the third one from the second PMOD (B). Then we can use EN and DIR pins of each Half-Bridge to applied desired voltage (+VDC or 0V) on each phase output. The DIR state is basically driven by the VL signal on each phase while EN is driven by VH or VL.


    1- This product is exclusively offered to OEMs, electronic design houses and startups designing products meant to be commercialized. It is also offered to serious researchers, makers and hobbyists. However, it is not offered to semiconductor and EDA companies. If not sure, please ask.

    2- Prices in Canadian Dollars (CAN$).


    Alizem is a proud member of Intel's FPGA Design Solution Network.