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eBook - Step-by-step design of a basic embedded system using an Intel MAX10 ® FPGA

Alizem inc.

eBook - Step-by-step design of a basic embedded system using an Intel MAX10 ® FPGA


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Designing an FPGA-based embedded system can be a complex project and the goal of this ebook is to take you by the hand to achieve a very basic embedded system on an Intel MAX10 ® FPGA. This basic embedded system is composed of: a push button, a processor, a block of memory and a LED. You can turn on/off the LED by clicking the push button, that's as simple as that ! 

If you are new to FPGA design, this ebook will help you to go through the most important steps of the EDA Toolchain then allow you to quickly go into your own design. Hence, whether you are a project manager, a system architect, embedded system designer or embedded software programmer, you will find in this ebook relevant informations to help you achieve your objectives faster and easier.

This ebook is composed of 70 steps illustrated with screenshots.

1- Starting things off. EDA Tools and MAX10 Development kit.

2- Basic concepts.

  • What is an FPGA ?

  • How is it different from a DSP (+/-)?

  • Quartus®: HW programming

  • NIOS® II Eclipse* SW programming

3- First Step: FPGA/hardware part

4- Second Step: Software part

5- Third Step: Program & Play !

6- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

7- How Alizem can help you achieve your business and technical objectives ?

    Format: Powerpoint presentation, 59 pages.
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    Options available:

    Package #1 - Ebook + Reference design software code. 25$

    Package #2 - Ebook + Reference design software code + 2 hours email support. 125$.


    Alizem is a proud member of Intel's FPGA Design Solution Network.