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Medical Motor Drives Applications

Medical devices are sophisticated pieces of equipment where performance and reliability are of fundamental importance. Many small actuators are used in medical applications whether it is for laboratory tests, for surgery tools or for respiratory machines. One key feature of medical devices product is human-machine interface (HMI) and motor control is mostly seen as a commodity feature. By using Alizem IP for medical motor drives applications, medical device manufacturers can spend more time & money on features that truly add-value to their product and not reinventing the wheel on the motor control side.


  • Sensorless vector control (aka field-oriented control or FOC) with space vector PWM (SVPWM).
  • 2 stator phase current measurements.
  • Estimated rotor position and motor estimated speed based on voltage and currents in stator synchronous frame.
  • Proportional-Integral (PI) flux and torque controllers.
  • Field weakening algorithm for high speed operation.




Leverage Alizem software technology for quick, easy and safe integration in your system.