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Embedded Software forPower Electronics Applications

Welcome to Alizem boutique !

Alizem is an embedded software company specialized in power electronics applications such as electric motor control for industrial, medical, automotive and aerospace markets. Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals in both power electronics and embedded software engineering.

We provide application-specific commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software solutions that can be easily, quickly and safely integrated on our customer's preferred electronic devices without the need of advanced motor control and embedded software engineering expertise. They enable our customers to significantly reduce costs, risks and time to market in any of their power electronics based system development and keep focus of their strategic engineering resources on their true product differentiation.

Alizem embedded software products are bundled with a complete set of engineering and support services in order to minimize their integration time and maximise the value provided to our customers to win in their market.

This boutique is meant to help you know more about our product & service offering. If there's anything missing, please contact us : we will be pleased to answer all your questions.


Why should I use Alizem off-the-shelf embedded software ?

To reduce your software development & maintenance costs, risks and time-to-market and also to keep your strategic engineering ressources focused on your true product differentiation. Have you correctly estimated your embedded software development costs?

Compare by yourself Alizem's approach over standard approach in the different phases of a new product development project :


Standard Approach

Alizem Approach

Design Phase

Hire a rare-to-find motor control engineer full time

Retain Alizem engineering team just for the time you need

Motor control SW development phase

Develop & test your own motor control driver from scratch

(18-24 month, maybe more)

Download and test Alizem IP demo

(1 month)

System Integration phase

Debug your system yourself

Leverage Alizem on-the-field experience to help you debug your system quickly

Develop your application prototype

Keep your product performance limited to your motor control SW performance

Enhance your product performance by leveraging all Alizem IP built-in functions

Upon negative decision by management to go for production

Time & costs involved in motor control SW phase are practically lost.

Minimum time is lost and no cost for IP Licensing fees.

Production units development

Need to keep your motor control engineer full-time in case of any bug or feature improvement.

Retain Alizem engineering services just for the time you need.

Production Motor Control SW code maintenance

Need to keep your motor control engineer full-time for SW code maintenance and upgrades.

Leverage Alizem IP maintenance service to keep shipping your product with state-of-the art code.


Unique Benefits !

Electrical Equipment OEM

Electronics Design House


 Channel of innovation for your product line

Differentiate among your competitors and win contracts Save time by leveraging pre-tested software

 Way to access rare-to-find expertise

Access talent "on-tap" without keeping it on the pay roll Spend your money on your true product differentiation features

Reduce cost of ownership and increase bottom line!

Increase conversion rate by shipping faster and cheaper !

Leverage experienced team at a fraction of the cost ! 


Pricing and Licensing Conditions

Basic IP Advanced IP Innovation IP 
Product Example DC Motor Control IP Servo Drive IP Critical Apps IP
Algorithm IP Textbook Textbook Patented
Packaging IP Alizem Alizem Alizem
Demo License 100$ 0$/100$ None
Design & Production License 250$ To be Negotiated To be Negotiated
IP Source code Full with Open Source Version Provided as an option with Production License Full
License Scope Project Project Project
Support & Engineering Services Not included. Not included. Not included.

 For more details, please read our "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) section.


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