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Technologies forIndustrial Electronics Applications

How to leverage Alizem software and expertise to upgrade your existing product ?

Upgrading an existing product is a great way to increase value offered to customer without having to design a new product from scratch. Hence, it can be a fast and low-cost way to beat competition while leveraging all the efforts that has been done at the original product developement.

However, to achieve this process correctly it is important to determine what is exactly missing in the current product and how this problem can be solved by minimizing the components to change. Ideally, this can be only a software upgrade (not hardware change) but it is important to make sure that the actual computing bandwidth of the current product can support the new feature(s).

Also, it is possible that the people who where there while product developement are not there anymore and expertise is missing to proceed to a product upgrade. Natural move is to hire new people but: can you find such expertise in a short time frame? Are new product upgrade will justify the cost of hiring new people?

In this situation, Alizem can help you achieve your technical and business expertise:

  • step-by-step approach from upgraded product idea, to prototype to production;
  • saving time, risks and costs by using pre-tested hardware and software components;
  • one-stop-shop having all expertises needed offered on an 'on-tap' approach, i.e. only when needed, and save a lot of unexpected project delays;
  • turnkey prototype for your application from which you can start with your own application-specific modifications, test and product development - including the training for your team to use the provided prototype.

Applications covered:

  • industrial motor drives,
  • medical devices,
  • robotics,
  • auxiliary systems for automotive and aerospace,
  • solar power pumps, etc.

Typical services offered:

1- SoW: To build a comprehensive statement-of-work (SoW) document based on your project requirements that includes all deliverables, budget and timeline needed so that you can correctly assess costs and take a go/no-go decision for your project.

2- Upgraded Product Prototype: To build an upgraded product prototype, based on requirements established together in the SoW and with your existing product, so that you can quickly prove and test new features. Such prototype can be for proof of concept level up to full product prototype.

3- Prior art: Knowing about your application and being experts in the field, we can look for existing prior art (IP, software, systems, etc.) that could be leveraged to reduce risk and accelerate your product development. This is a great way to avoid to reinvent the wheel and to repeat past mistakes from others. If great IP is found along the way, we can operate what's needed to get in your project (qualification, porting, integration, etc.).

4- Long-term software maintenance: Once your upgraded product is released, reduce your cost of ownership by having a long-term software maintenance contract with Alizem. It makes sure the software is always updated and in-line with the technology state-of-the-art. This is a great alternative to keeping the expertise in-house and assigned to this product. 

** Governement funding available **

Once a you have entered into a Licensing agreement with Alizem, your project may be elligible to a broad range of Canada and Quebec governement funding innovation programs. Another great way to reduce project costs!

What is the next step?

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