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Technologies forIndustrial Electronics Applications

Alizem Press Releases

2018/04/16 - Alizem signs MOU with OPAL-RT in the field of electric motor edge AI technology [Version Française, Deutsch]

2017/09/25 - Alizem Releases its New 3-phase PWM IP Core for Intel® MAX® 10 FPGAs [Version Française]

2016/12/12- Alizem Releases its New DC Motor Control Embedded Software IP for Intel® MAX® 10 FPGAs [Version Française]

2016/05/14 - Alizem releases new Safe Engine Stop-Start Software IP to improve energy-efficiency of delivery vehicles [Version Française]

2015/10/05 - Alizem releases its new Internet-of-Things (IoT) software interface [Version Française, Deutsch]

2014/04/21 - Alizem signs MOU with Mission and Safety-Critical Software Certification Leader Marinvent [Version Française]

2014/03/20 - Alizem joins C2MI as a Commercialization Partner [Version Française]

2014/02/18 - Alizem releases its new Embedded Motor Control Software IP for Critical Applications [Version Française, Deutsch]

2014/02/04 - Alizem appoints Guy Côté as new Vice-President of Sales [Version Française]

2013/10/28 - Alizem licenses its Embedded Motor Control Software IP in industrial market [Version FrançaiseDeutsch]

2013/10/22 - Alizem Embedded Motor Control Software IP reaches a new milestone of performance [Version Française, Deutsch]

2013/10/15 - Alizem announces new distribution agreement for European market with Airics [Version Française, Deutsch]

2013/10/09 - Alizem signs with the Canadian Space Agency to offer new embedded Motor Control Software IP [Version Française, Deutsch]

2012/12/12 - Alizem new COTS Motor Control Software IP for Servo-Drives applications receives Altera AMPP certification [Version Française, Deutsch]

2012/11/08 - Alizem releases its new COTS Motor Control Software IP for Servo-Drives Applications on Altera FPGAs [Version Française, Deutsch]

2012/10/02 - Alizem releases its new embedded software e-commerce boutique [Version Française, Deutsch]

2010/05/18 - Alizem releases new COTS Motor Control IP product for Pump and Fan applications. [Version Française]

2009/03/27 - Alizem reçoit le Grand Prix du public à Capital Innovation 2009 [in French].

2009/01/16 - Alizem receives Freescale Semiconductor Alliance Program accreditation.

2008/12/01 - Alizem receives Altera Consultant Alliance Program accreditation.

2008/05/08 - Alizem rafle deux prix prestigieux en entrepreneurship [in French].

2008/03/06 - Alizem remporte le Grand Prix du Concours des Anges Financiers de Montréal 2008 [in French].


Other Publications

2015/01/09 - Advanced Manufacturing Technology: Alizem is featured in Vanguard Magazine

2014/02/19 - Canadian Space Agency algorithm makes motor control more efficient

2013/05/30 - The Brains Behind the Motion Controller - DesignNews webinar featuring Altera and Alizem

2012/03/01 - The other computing: Is Canada ready for the Internet of Things ? Foreword - The Virtualization of Embedded Computing

2011/07/05 - Smart Motor Controllers Take Charge of Expanding Applications - Article featuring Alizem, Altera, Microchip, Microsemi and Texas Instruments.

2010/08/16 - Playing the field - Motion Control Association Article featuring Alizem, National Instruments and Xilinx.

2010/05/24 - Motion Control Association New Members include Alizem and MICROMO.

2009/04/01 - Altia(r) HMI Selected for Motor-Control IP Solutions.

2009/01/05 - Altera Showcases Programmable Consumer Electronics Solutions at 2009 International CES, January 8-11.


White Papers

2010/11/23 - Creating industrial pump and fan applications with Altera FPGAs and Alizem motor-control IP.

2008/11/15 - FPGAs Enable Energy-Efficient Motor Control in Next-Generation Smart Home Appliances.

2008/11/15 - FPGAs Enable Energy-Efficient Motor Control in Next-Generation Smart Home Appliances [in Chinese].