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Technologies forIndustrial Electronics Applications

Engineering and technology transfer services

1- Engineering Services

Every Alizem technologies are bundled with professionnal services meant to help you achieve both your technical and business objectives. They are performed either by Alizem team (local access to +60 engineers) or by Alizem worldwide network of partners.

We can ehlp you during your whole project cycle and to advise you regarding optimal system architectures for your specific application:

  • Motor Control drive system design
  • Embedded system design on any type of device (DSP, MCU, FPGA)
  • Custom software/IP development
  • System simulation, software development and integration
  • Porting proprietary motor control software code from one device to another
  • Custom electric machine design

If you are looking for complete turn-key solutions, we will be pleased to handle this for you by jointly working with established electronic design houses or by working with your preferred electronic design house.

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2- Technology Transfer Services

Technology scouting: Save time by leveraging IP from the best industrial electronics R&D centers

Sometimes, the best way to integrate innovation in your product is to not re-invent the wheel and use existing and proven software coming from a R&D center (Universities, private research centers, etc.) or from a non-competing firm. However, the job of scouting & qualifying technologies, identifying potential candidates, negotiating a License Agreement, defining an engineering project to get the technology from state X to your own required state and finally to effectively execute this project, is a very specialized and difficult task. You can hire Alizem to do this job and at the same time extend your innovation pipeline to a completely new level !

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Tecnology commercialization: License your IP in non-strategic markets and make additional revenue out of your existing IP assets

Have you developped some industrial electronics software IP that might be beneficial in other non-strategic market applications? Are you interested to generate new revenues out from those existing IPs ? If yes, you can hire Alizem to do that for you through a well defined step-by-step approach.

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Invention disclosure analysis

Over the years, we have worked with  University Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) to perform invention disclosure analysis that support Universities in their decision to support intellectual property protection of a potential invention (or not) in the field of electronics. It includes a non-proprietary and simple description of the invention so that it can quickly be understood by non-experts, limited review of prior art and overview of potential market (size, existing players, how invention can provide differentiation).

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New startup development in the field of electronics

It includes all the steps to be done from a protected invention to the first sales of a startup, i.e. technology developement, product development, marketing strategy, team building and entrepreneur coaching, financing, pitching to investors, partners and customers.

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