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Embedded Software forPower Electronics Applications

Alizem Internet-of-things (IoT) Interface Standalone

Alizem inc.

Alizem Internet-of-things (IoT) Interface Standalone


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Key features

  • Connect your electrical equipment quickly easily to InitialState Saas IoT Platform
  • Uses a UART communication port from your equipment and connect to a Raspberry PI3 card
  • Runs 4 data channels @ 10Hz (or slower)
  • Includes a simple reference design from which you can quickly start. Runs on Intel MAX10 FPGA Dev kit.
  • Source code included, no encryption or compiled libraries. You can modify code as you want.
  • Source files: C Library running on your equipment, Python Script running on Raspberry PI2.
  • Includes Raspberry PI3 SD Image with "RASPBIAN JESSIE WITH PIXEL" OS, Version of September 2016.
  • Portable: Using standard C Librairies. Compiles in any C environment (may need minor code modifications on your side).
  • Designed and tested in Intel NIOS IDE environment.
  • No Royalty.
  • Includes one year of code updates.
  • Save months of development! Check a 1 minute demo here.

Datasheet & Discounts

  • Receive product datasheet (includes screenshots) for FREE by selecting the option above
  • Get a 50$ price discount by fulfilling and returning to us an included survey
  • Get a one-month FREE coupon to use Initial State Platform
Limited to Qualified Buyers only <= Make sure to qualify!
  • This product is exclusively offered to organizations developing electrical equipment products, including Universities and hobbyists. If you are a semiconductor company or other type of organization interested in this product, please contact us.

No support & bug support

  • This product is sold "as is", with no included support. If you would like to receive support (for porting or modifications), we will be pleased to help you through Alizem engineering services. Upon interest, please contact us.
  • If you encounter a bug in using this product, please contact us to report it. We will correct the bug in the next product version.


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