Alizem Motor Control IP for Servo Drives Applications on Altera Cyclone V FPGAs


Alizem Motor Control IP for Servo Drives Applications on Altera Cyclone V FPGAs


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Key features

  • High performance field-oriented control (FOC) / vector control field tested on 30W to 100kW motors
  • Easy-to-use API making it quick and safe to configure and operate for non-motor control nor FPGA experts
  • Fully encapsulated software that can easily ported from the kit to your system without modications
  • Easy to make multiple instantiation and design multi-axis systems
  • Delivered as an encrypted-VHDL Qsys component along with a compiled software library including patent-pending API.
  • Packaged with an OpenCore Plus license and ready for Quartus II 14.0
  • Complete user's manual including "Quick Start" and "How to design your own motor drive system using Alizem Software IP"
  • Reference design works on EBV FalconEye V2.0 (HMSC) motor control development kit

Field results

This IP has been field-tested on motors ranging from 30W to 100kW. Performance is matching leading motor drive brands.


Designed to work on Altera Cyclone V FPGAs. Soon available also for MAX10.

Choice of processors

Altera NIOS II ARM Cortex-A9 Freescale ColdFire


Preview Datasheet on Slideshare. You can also download the datasheet by selecting the option above, adding it to cart and checking out.

Upon purchase of this demo product, what will happen ?

  • You are going to receive an email giving you an access to download the product.
  • You will receive an access to Alizem on-line support.
  • You will be able to integrate and test the IP in your own product testbench.
  • You will be able to test the IP on the provided reference designs.
  • Upon satisfaction, you will be invited to buy a full product license.
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Free Demo Qualification Process

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  • fill the form you will receive by email and send it back to us
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 Frequently Asked Questions

1. I do not own a development kit, can this software work in my own motor drive system ?

Yes, this software is ready to be used with any kind of Altera FPGA-based motor control system. Instructions to integrate it in your system are clearly shown in the user manual included with this demo.

2. I have an Arrow Motion Fire development kit, can it work with this kit ? 

Yes and no. The Arrow Motion Fire is now discontinued. You can still download our demo based on the Arrow Motion Fire kit but it is limited to Quartus 12.0 SP1. While we can support this kit, we won't upgrade this demo product for this kit in the future.
3. I have an EBV Falcon Eye development kit, can it work with this kit ?
Yes, but this option is not available for download anymore. If this is your situation, please contact us.


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